Lazy Saturday

This past Saturday, AP world history had a final at 9 am. It was not fun. At

all. A grooling 3 hour test…

But after we all survived, we decided to head over to the Mesa for some breakfast. Logan, Harry, Chase, Mike and I walked into blenders and picked up some drinks. We later split up and Chase Harry and Mike drove out to check the surf at the Ranch while Logan and I went to Mesa bagels. Logan grabbed a classic egg and bacon bagel sandwich and I got a mango smoothie with bobas. They were both so delicious! After we ate our food we all met back up at Chases house and played some basketball. The boys had an intense game of ball.

An hour later we all decided to lay down and relax. Chase and Harry said the surf was small but fun so we jumped up and drove down to leadbetter. We set up a little area on the beach for our surfboards and wetsuits. Harry grabbed a volleyball and started messing around with it. Soon everyone joined in. W played and played while occasionally watching a set roll though around the point. Up next was football. The boys played for games and fell down laughing about an hour later. Tired and hungry, we ended up driving home to enjoy a hot tub sesh. On the way back Harry Mike and Chase decided to play hide and seek while driving. This was quite hard actually. They were just far enough ahead of us were we couldnt spot them after a turn. After a while we gave up. We bailed and went back to the hot tub. The others eventually came back and brought some more friends over.

In Chases backyard he has a huge tree that you can climb all the way up to the top. But you first had to pull yourself up a rope. One by one everyone climbed up with harry in the lead. He climbed all the way up to the top and shouted “I can see the waves from up here!”  On the way back down they began to swing on the rope and do some very goofy tricks.

Overall it was a very fun day even if it did start with a gnarly test…

Kenya’s Colors

Africa 2012 My mom and I decided to splurge and travel to Kenya for her 50th birthday.  I have to admit I am feeling rather lazy today and would like to skip over the intro and get straight to the exciting stuff.

The morning after we had arrived, a man from the local village came and met with us to discuss our plans. We decided on renting a safari vehicle and driving out in different directions each day. Our driver was a man from a nearby village and had good experience in surviving in the wild. My mother and I had brought tons of camera equipment. We climbed into the vintage Land Cruise that had had its roof cut off.

And so our journey began.

We came around a bend in the valley and saw a baby elephant. It saw us and came over very cautiously with wonder in its eyes. If there was a baby here there must be a family up ahead. So we drove slowly with the baby following behind up the river bed. A family awaited us at the end. They were drinking from a little pond that was tucked in the hillside. The baby ran over to its mother and created her with a little spray of water. They all seemed so happy. Throughout the day we saw zebras, giraffes, loins and hippos. But this elephant family is what I remember the greatest.

The next day we drove over to a village were we traded and bought fabrics, beads, jewelry and homemade pottery. The children ran out to greet us as we entered. Little girls with beautifully beaded bands around their necks and boys had a simple red cloth covering there bodies. We received much love and smiles from the villagers.  A little girl came over to me and pulled my hand. She led me to here house which was made of mud and clay with a dirt floor. All of a sudden she pulled out a beautiful beaded hand cuff that she then placed around my wrist. Its inspiring to see people live in such poverty but have such a happy life. These people had smiles on there faces that spread warmth through my heart.


Spring Skiing






 This past weekend I was lucky enough to be able to shred up in Mammoth. Mathew Pierce, Patch Curtis, Ben Spears and I started our drive at 2 in the afternoon and arrived at around 9.  It had been snowing all day and as we drove in we found a beautiful layer of fresh snow covering everything. We were ecstatic! Matty was bouncing around the car with excitement. There would be very little sleep that night. We unpacked the car and dashed inside before our poor feet in flip-flops froze over.  In 30 min we had all scrambled to get our PJs on and into bed because we all decided to wake up early to get first runs.

But of course, we were lagging with our morning routine. The boys stayed in bed way after the alarm had gone off and we didn’t have any food in the house meaning we would have to eat breakfast elsewhere. By 8:10 we were out the door and driving to Old New York Deli & Bagel Co. We filled our bellies with bagels and drove up the mountain.  At 8:45 we had reached Mill and began to unload the gear. Patch and I still needed to sort out our tickets so by the time we made it to Climax at the top it was already 30 min past opening.  We looked below too find the runs all skied out. But Matty didn’t care and jumped over the edge and dashed down the mountain. Patch and I skied down to a lower run and raced down. We all ended up at the Park where I followed them down into the series of jumps they had built earlier in the season. Ben did a 180 off of the first jump and Matty did a 360. Patch was ahead a the Mini Halfpipe where he was overlooking the edge. He had spotted a perfect base for a homemade jump. Ben pulled out his portable shovel and we began working.  About 20 min later, the jump was complete. Matty decided to be the tester of the jump. He sped down the hill and up the jump. The landing however didn’t go as planned and landed on his tailbone. After that everyone wanted to be the first to land it. Ben was next and almost made it but in the end it was Gavin who landed it with a basic 180. This trip couldn’t have been any better. Till next season!


Birthday Bash & Powdays

Mammoth Mountain, oh how I miss you. The first time I went up this past season was with a group of guys for 2 brothers birthdays. We all climbed into parents acts and started the IMG_7099drive up on veterans day.  We arrived later that night at around 12. We all were exhausted but we had to unload the car for everything in the bed of the truck could freeze. So we spend another hour unloading and finally fell asleep at around 1.IMG_7732

We woke up to a fresh layer of snow outside.  Shelley Foy made us eggs and bagels for breakfast. With our bellies full and our hearts pounding we trudged out to the car. The ride up to the mountain isn’t that long, maybe 20 minutes.  We pilled out of the car and ran to chair 1 at the main lodge. There was no line so we had time to put on our skis and boards.

Our first run of the day was on chair 9. We got first tracks and all. The snow was super fresh and made for a perfect day.  We ended the day with a few runs on chair 12 that had just opened that day so it was not crowded at all. Everyone met back up at main and drove home. That night we all went to have dinner at the bowling alley. This group made for a great few games of bowling, with Gavin and Kelly battling it out for first place.  We left with full bellies and smiles spread across our faces.
The next IMG_7125morning we got a snow advisory for all day. So by the time we arrived at the mountain it was a full on snow storm. It was a bit chilly but the weather made for good snow. Fresh powder everywhere and no one else out on chair 9.  When it was time to have lunch everyone’s fingers were frozen. We dashed inside and got our meals straight away. I ended up having clam chowder that tasted so amazing in the moment.  After we had warmed back up we headed out to backside. The boys had earlier built a little jump and they decided to try a few tricks. Logan was the first to do a backflip the followed Gavin. Gavin attempted it 3 times and he landed on his neck and his back. We broke out laughing.


Cabo Surf Hotel

This hotel sits in the cove of a very popular surf spot. Mansions sit alongside this hotel with a beautiful view up the coast. The water is warm, clear and very inviting. A beach with rocks that dive into the ocean sits at both our sides. The sand is smooth and warm, giving my feet a feeling I have missed.  Surfboards line the walls of the hotel, with signs saying “Pick One!”.

The crew we flew down to meet stayed there for 2 days before we got there. Skies were clear and the waves were small but fun. They surfed many hours those 2 days. We later came back on the Thursday of that week.  We all climbed into the Foy’s big SUV with our coolers packed with drinks and our swimsuits in bags. The guard at the gate was nice to us and let us park inside. An infinity pool overlooked the beach with palm trees on either side. A hot tub sat above with a better view of the peak and the surfers.  A second pool and hot tub that was more secluded sat in the west side of the hotel. It sat higher and had a view up the coast.

The Thursday we decided to come down on was the day with the best surf all week. We lucked out.  It was firing. Set after set rolled through with a slight breeze. We all dashed down to the rental and grabbed boards that we liked. Sunscreen was applied then we were set. A friend of ours told us were the rocks and the urchins were so we wouldn’t get hurt. The paddle out was easy and had no sets. We positioned ourselves and waited. A set cam towards us and Harry was in position.  He caught it all the way into the inside.

Set after set rolled by giving us all pounding hearts and smiles. The day was a success. We surfed until we were to hungry to stay out any longer. The hot tub was calling to us. Sitting and watching the waves break on the sand was the perfect way to end the day.



Pueblo Bonito Blanco, Cabo




A group of friends and there families met up with Gavin and I for a week of fun in the sun. Our destination: Cabo San Lucas.  Gavin and I landed on Monday and drove over to our hotel, Pueblo Bonito Blanco, where everyone else was hanging.  The other group had arrived that Saturday and stayed at Cabo Surf Hotel and spent the first two days tanning and surfing.Our hotel room was on the fifth floor overlooking the pool and the point of our cove. The ocean was crystal clear with a tan sandy beach surrounding it. A little beach break down the way was an adventure we walked to many times.  I first spotted it after I got dropped off there during a jetski ride. I swam in from the drop off and caught a wave in and it pulled me up way onto the dunes above. I knew this was going to be fun. The next day I told the guys and we all walked there and dove in. The water churned up the sand bellow so everyones trunks and my bikini got filled with sand.  The waves would drag us up the beach and up onto the dunes then pull us back into its warm sandy embrace. We played for hours till our noses and backs were red from the sun.The next day we had a doubles beach volleyball tournament. My boyfriend, Logan, and I were a team and we started by playing Chase and Harry. Chase had just arrived on wednesday so he was stoked to join. It was a fun game and after the tournament was over, we ran into the ocean to cool off.The following day someone comes up with the idea to go banana boating (with a drunk driver) and everyone agrees.  We bargain the price down to 8$ a person. All 12 of us climb on and we speed off.  Everyone first tries to swap seats in the middle of the ride but the driver stops and yells at us so we try something different. We attempt to flip the raft.  Preston yells, “Lean left!” and everyone obeys. I’m the first to fall off with Logan following.  Its over too fast but it was a thrill.


Sayulita y Bucerias, Mexico

We began our journey at 5 in the morning, with our alarms yelling at us to get up. We grabbed our bags and stuffed them in the car and began the sleepy car ride into Los Angeles.  We arrived at the airport right on schedule. Security was a breeze and we boarded the flight safely.  The flight was a beautiful two hours of looking over farmland and waves.  IMG_6760

The Bucerias Airport was full of life, with kids selling candy and cars zipping around everywhere. We caught a bus to the beach where we walked into the Singh’s beachfront mansion.  We ran to the beach where Angel began to climb a palm tree to grab a coconut.  The view was amazing, with families walking there dogs and beautiful puffy clouds looming overhead.IMG_6728

We settled in and decided to jump in the pool to relax after a day of travel.  There cook made us deep fried potato tacos. So yummy!  We fell asleep with full tummys and surfing on our minds. We awoke to the smell of mango and pineapple smoothies.  We later climbed onto a bus to take us out to an incredible surf spot inIMG_6829 Sayulita, just 45 min up north.  We climbed off the bus and was offered 3 ice cold coconuts!  They were the sweetest we had ever had. We began our trek to the beach. We passed puppies playing with kids and vendors selling delicious foods.  Pocking out from behind a little cabin was the surf point. The waves were firing! Chrystal clear waters with palm trees speckling the hot sandy beach. Pure paradise.  We dove into the water with our boards and surfed till sunset.IMG_6900

We got a ride from a local in the back of his truck into the little town of Sayulita. There we sat on the rooftop of a local restaurant. We all ate tons of tacos and giant salads with smoothies on the side.  We walked around and watched the town come to life with music and dancing. We got churros and began to dance under the stars.  What a beautiful day this was, will never forget.