Sayulita y Bucerias, Mexico

We began our journey at 5 in the morning, with our alarms yelling at us to get up. We grabbed our bags and stuffed them in the car and began the sleepy car ride into Los Angeles.  We arrived at the airport right on schedule. Security was a breeze and we boarded the flight safely.  The flight was a beautiful two hours of looking over farmland and waves.  IMG_6760

The Bucerias Airport was full of life, with kids selling candy and cars zipping around everywhere. We caught a bus to the beach where we walked into the Singh’s beachfront mansion.  We ran to the beach where Angel began to climb a palm tree to grab a coconut.  The view was amazing, with families walking there dogs and beautiful puffy clouds looming overhead.IMG_6728

We settled in and decided to jump in the pool to relax after a day of travel.  There cook made us deep fried potato tacos. So yummy!  We fell asleep with full tummys and surfing on our minds. We awoke to the smell of mango and pineapple smoothies.  We later climbed onto a bus to take us out to an incredible surf spot inIMG_6829 Sayulita, just 45 min up north.  We climbed off the bus and was offered 3 ice cold coconuts!  They were the sweetest we had ever had. We began our trek to the beach. We passed puppies playing with kids and vendors selling delicious foods.  Pocking out from behind a little cabin was the surf point. The waves were firing! Chrystal clear waters with palm trees speckling the hot sandy beach. Pure paradise.  We dove into the water with our boards and surfed till sunset.IMG_6900

We got a ride from a local in the back of his truck into the little town of Sayulita. There we sat on the rooftop of a local restaurant. We all ate tons of tacos and giant salads with smoothies on the side.  We walked around and watched the town come to life with music and dancing. We got churros and began to dance under the stars.  What a beautiful day this was, will never forget.


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