Pueblo Bonito Blanco, Cabo




A group of friends and there families met up with Gavin and I for a week of fun in the sun. Our destination: Cabo San Lucas.  Gavin and I landed on Monday and drove over to our hotel, Pueblo Bonito Blanco, where everyone else was hanging.  The other group had arrived that Saturday and stayed at Cabo Surf Hotel and spent the first two days tanning and surfing.Our hotel room was on the fifth floor overlooking the pool and the point of our cove. The ocean was crystal clear with a tan sandy beach surrounding it. A little beach break down the way was an adventure we walked to many times.  I first spotted it after I got dropped off there during a jetski ride. I swam in from the drop off and caught a wave in and it pulled me up way onto the dunes above. I knew this was going to be fun. The next day I told the guys and we all walked there and dove in. The water churned up the sand bellow so everyones trunks and my bikini got filled with sand.  The waves would drag us up the beach and up onto the dunes then pull us back into its warm sandy embrace. We played for hours till our noses and backs were red from the sun.The next day we had a doubles beach volleyball tournament. My boyfriend, Logan, and I were a team and we started by playing Chase and Harry. Chase had just arrived on wednesday so he was stoked to join. It was a fun game and after the tournament was over, we ran into the ocean to cool off.The following day someone comes up with the idea to go banana boating (with a drunk driver) and everyone agrees.  We bargain the price down to 8$ a person. All 12 of us climb on and we speed off.  Everyone first tries to swap seats in the middle of the ride but the driver stops and yells at us so we try something different. We attempt to flip the raft.  Preston yells, “Lean left!” and everyone obeys. I’m the first to fall off with Logan following.  Its over too fast but it was a thrill.



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