Cabo Surf Hotel

This hotel sits in the cove of a very popular surf spot. Mansions sit alongside this hotel with a beautiful view up the coast. The water is warm, clear and very inviting. A beach with rocks that dive into the ocean sits at both our sides. The sand is smooth and warm, giving my feet a feeling I have missed.  Surfboards line the walls of the hotel, with signs saying “Pick One!”.

The crew we flew down to meet stayed there for 2 days before we got there. Skies were clear and the waves were small but fun. They surfed many hours those 2 days. We later came back on the Thursday of that week.  We all climbed into the Foy’s big SUV with our coolers packed with drinks and our swimsuits in bags. The guard at the gate was nice to us and let us park inside. An infinity pool overlooked the beach with palm trees on either side. A hot tub sat above with a better view of the peak and the surfers.  A second pool and hot tub that was more secluded sat in the west side of the hotel. It sat higher and had a view up the coast.

The Thursday we decided to come down on was the day with the best surf all week. We lucked out.  It was firing. Set after set rolled through with a slight breeze. We all dashed down to the rental and grabbed boards that we liked. Sunscreen was applied then we were set. A friend of ours told us were the rocks and the urchins were so we wouldn’t get hurt. The paddle out was easy and had no sets. We positioned ourselves and waited. A set cam towards us and Harry was in position.  He caught it all the way into the inside.

Set after set rolled by giving us all pounding hearts and smiles. The day was a success. We surfed until we were to hungry to stay out any longer. The hot tub was calling to us. Sitting and watching the waves break on the sand was the perfect way to end the day.



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