Birthday Bash & Powdays

Mammoth Mountain, oh how I miss you. The first time I went up this past season was with a group of guys for 2 brothers birthdays. We all climbed into parents acts and started the IMG_7099drive up on veterans day.  We arrived later that night at around 12. We all were exhausted but we had to unload the car for everything in the bed of the truck could freeze. So we spend another hour unloading and finally fell asleep at around 1.IMG_7732

We woke up to a fresh layer of snow outside.  Shelley Foy made us eggs and bagels for breakfast. With our bellies full and our hearts pounding we trudged out to the car. The ride up to the mountain isn’t that long, maybe 20 minutes.  We pilled out of the car and ran to chair 1 at the main lodge. There was no line so we had time to put on our skis and boards.

Our first run of the day was on chair 9. We got first tracks and all. The snow was super fresh and made for a perfect day.  We ended the day with a few runs on chair 12 that had just opened that day so it was not crowded at all. Everyone met back up at main and drove home. That night we all went to have dinner at the bowling alley. This group made for a great few games of bowling, with Gavin and Kelly battling it out for first place.  We left with full bellies and smiles spread across our faces.
The next IMG_7125morning we got a snow advisory for all day. So by the time we arrived at the mountain it was a full on snow storm. It was a bit chilly but the weather made for good snow. Fresh powder everywhere and no one else out on chair 9.  When it was time to have lunch everyone’s fingers were frozen. We dashed inside and got our meals straight away. I ended up having clam chowder that tasted so amazing in the moment.  After we had warmed back up we headed out to backside. The boys had earlier built a little jump and they decided to try a few tricks. Logan was the first to do a backflip the followed Gavin. Gavin attempted it 3 times and he landed on his neck and his back. We broke out laughing.


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