Spring Skiing






 This past weekend I was lucky enough to be able to shred up in Mammoth. Mathew Pierce, Patch Curtis, Ben Spears and I started our drive at 2 in the afternoon and arrived at around 9.  It had been snowing all day and as we drove in we found a beautiful layer of fresh snow covering everything. We were ecstatic! Matty was bouncing around the car with excitement. There would be very little sleep that night. We unpacked the car and dashed inside before our poor feet in flip-flops froze over.  In 30 min we had all scrambled to get our PJs on and into bed because we all decided to wake up early to get first runs.

But of course, we were lagging with our morning routine. The boys stayed in bed way after the alarm had gone off and we didn’t have any food in the house meaning we would have to eat breakfast elsewhere. By 8:10 we were out the door and driving to Old New York Deli & Bagel Co. We filled our bellies with bagels and drove up the mountain.  At 8:45 we had reached Mill and began to unload the gear. Patch and I still needed to sort out our tickets so by the time we made it to Climax at the top it was already 30 min past opening.  We looked below too find the runs all skied out. But Matty didn’t care and jumped over the edge and dashed down the mountain. Patch and I skied down to a lower run and raced down. We all ended up at the Park where I followed them down into the series of jumps they had built earlier in the season. Ben did a 180 off of the first jump and Matty did a 360. Patch was ahead a the Mini Halfpipe where he was overlooking the edge. He had spotted a perfect base for a homemade jump. Ben pulled out his portable shovel and we began working.  About 20 min later, the jump was complete. Matty decided to be the tester of the jump. He sped down the hill and up the jump. The landing however didn’t go as planned and landed on his tailbone. After that everyone wanted to be the first to land it. Ben was next and almost made it but in the end it was Gavin who landed it with a basic 180. This trip couldn’t have been any better. Till next season!


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