Kenya’s Colors

Africa 2012 My mom and I decided to splurge and travel to Kenya for her 50th birthday.  I have to admit I am feeling rather lazy today and would like to skip over the intro and get straight to the exciting stuff.

The morning after we had arrived, a man from the local village came and met with us to discuss our plans. We decided on renting a safari vehicle and driving out in different directions each day. Our driver was a man from a nearby village and had good experience in surviving in the wild. My mother and I had brought tons of camera equipment. We climbed into the vintage Land Cruise that had had its roof cut off.

And so our journey began.

We came around a bend in the valley and saw a baby elephant. It saw us and came over very cautiously with wonder in its eyes. If there was a baby here there must be a family up ahead. So we drove slowly with the baby following behind up the river bed. A family awaited us at the end. They were drinking from a little pond that was tucked in the hillside. The baby ran over to its mother and created her with a little spray of water. They all seemed so happy. Throughout the day we saw zebras, giraffes, loins and hippos. But this elephant family is what I remember the greatest.

The next day we drove over to a village were we traded and bought fabrics, beads, jewelry and homemade pottery. The children ran out to greet us as we entered. Little girls with beautifully beaded bands around their necks and boys had a simple red cloth covering there bodies. We received much love and smiles from the villagers.  A little girl came over to me and pulled my hand. She led me to here house which was made of mud and clay with a dirt floor. All of a sudden she pulled out a beautiful beaded hand cuff that she then placed around my wrist. Its inspiring to see people live in such poverty but have such a happy life. These people had smiles on there faces that spread warmth through my heart.


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